Are you frustrated with the complicated and confusing process for getting help for your special needs child?  

The Special Needs Rep can answer questions about support services available within the school and district, and provide guidance on how to obtain them.


Don't know who to ask or where to go for help finding services for your student?

The Special Needs Rep can provide district and community resources that are available for special needs kids and their families.


Do you understand the difference between an IEP and a 504?  Do you know which one would be best for your child? 

The Special Needs Rep can provide confidential guidance and advice with the IEP or 504 process.


Are you worried your special needs child won't "fit in" at Maple Hills? 

The Special Needs Rep works with the school staff and administration on programs to encourage education, tolerance and inclusion of special needs kids at Maple Hills.

Do you ever just need an empathetic ear or support from other special needs parents?

The Special Needs Rep hosts regular social get-togethers with other parents of special needs kids for exchange of information and emotional support.


Do you any have questions, concerns, ideas, etc.?

Please contact me directly. Due to privacy laws, I am NOT provided a list of special needs kids or families by the school or district, so please contact me to be included in private communications about events, programs or special information.


I look forward to meeting you and having a great year!


Kim Maeda

Maple Hills Special Needs Representative