Standing Rules


  1. The name of this unit shall be Maple Hills PTA. The local unit number is 2.6.15.
  2. The date of incorporation was November 9, 1977, and the annual renewal date is November 30th of each year.
  3. This unit’s employer’s identification number is held by the treasurer, dated October 9, 1980.
  4. The current Treasurer is responsible for filing appropriate IRS forms as required.
  5. This PTA is registered with the Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitations Act and is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration.
  6. The officers of this unit shall be President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They will be known as the Executive Committee. Only the position of President may be held jointly.  President Elect shall have no vote.  In the case of Co-Presidents, only the presiding President of that meeting shall have a tie-breaking vote. These officers will be in position for no less than 1 year and no more than 2 consecutive years and must be elected each year
  7. The Executive Committee shall meet at the discretion of the President
  8. The Special Directors of this unit shall consist of the Director of Volunteers, Director of Membership, Director of One-Time Events, Director of On-Going Programs, and Director of Ways & Means. All positions may be held jointly. These Directors will be in position for no less than 1 year and no more than 2 consecutive year
  9. The Officers and Special Directors shall be elected by the last day of April and assume office on July 1st. Newly elected board members may attend May and June board meetings.
  10. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee, Special Directors, Newsletter Editor, Advocacy Representative, Special Needs Representative, ISF Representative, and Site Council Representative.
  11. The Board of Directors shall meet monthly. A quorum for Board meeting is a simple majority (50%+1).
  12. An office shall be declared vacant if an officer is absent three (3) consecutive meetings, unless previously excused by the President.
  13. All members of the Board of Directors, all committee chairs and all committee members must be members of the Maple Hills PTA.
  14. The Maple Hills PTA will comply with the training requirements necessary to remain in good standing, as specified in the most current WSPTA Bylaws.
  15. The PTA shall conduct two financial reviews of its books and records a year. One review will take place in January and the second will take place at the end of the fiscal year. The financial review is to be conducted by a qualified accounting professional or committee.
  16. The signatures of the Executive Committee shall be on the authorized signature card for this PTA’s bank account. Two signatures shall be required for issuance of checks. Use of a PTA debit card, credit card, ATM card and online banking to disburse PTA funds is not permitted.
  17. A non-signer must review and sign the monthly bank statement and paypal account. The non-signer must be a PTA member and will be appointed by the Board of Directors.
  18. This PTA shall approve its annual budget in the spring of each year. Committee Chairpersons need approval from the Board of Directors to exceed their budget by more than 3%.  The budget will be amended and reapproved in the Fall for the following school year.
  19. The Board of Directors, upon majority vote, may amend the budget by 10% of the total budget without a vote by the general membership.
  20. This unit shall keep at least two copies of its legal documents in separate locations. The Secretary and Treasurer shall maintain the documents in a notebook.
  21. All committee chairs are requested to submit a written report to the Director overseeing their committee the months before, during and after their events. All committee chairs are ad-hoc members of the Board and are welcome at all board meetings.
  22. The annual membership service fees of this until shall be no more than $15.00 per individual, $20.00 per family, or $10.00 for staff. The membership fees will be decided by the Board of Directors on an annual basis. Any community member (individual with no children at Maple Hills) wishing to join our PTA will pay $10.00.
  23. The Maple Hills PTA may not use their own funds to pay for or purchase PTA memberships. 
  24. Students of Maple Hills Elementary are honorary members of the Maple Hills PTA without the privilege of vote.
  25. There shall be at least three general membership meetings of this unit during the year to conduct business, adopt the budget, approve the standing rules, elect the nominating committee and elect the executive committee.
  26. The quorum for a general membership meeting shall be 10.
  27. One member of the PTA shall be a representative to the Maple Hills Site Council. The representative will be appointed by the Executive Committee.
  28. Voting delegates to the Issaquah PTSA Council shall be appointed by the President. The voting delegates to the annual Washington State PTA Convention shall be determined by the President.
  29. This organization, as a whole, or members in their offical capacities may not directly or indirectly, participate or intervene in any political campaign or political group on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office
  30. Special membership meetings may be called by the President, a majority of the Board of Directors, or by 5% of the membership. Notification of place, date, time, and purpose of the meeting shall be provided to members at least five days before the special meeting. 
  31. The Nominating Committee is comprised of at least two committee chairpersons, not more than one Board of Directors member, and at least one general PTA member, and shall be elected by the last day of January. Members of the Nominating Committee shall not serve two consecutive terms unless first approved at a general membership meeting
  32. The Golden Acorn Award(s) shall be presented annually to an outstanding volunteer(s).
  33. All Board Members must sign and follow the Maple Hills PTA Code of Conduct. These Standing Rules shall be adopted annually by a majority vote at a general membership meeting and may be amended at any general membership meeting by two-thirds vote.


    **This document was amended by the PTA Board on August 13th, 2015 and was presented and approved at the October 15th, 2015 PTA General Membership Meeting.