Brown Bear Car Wash FundraiserKorista Smith Barney12/11/202012/25/2020
Brown Bear Car Wash Fundraiser
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10/11/2020 eNews10/25/20201/31/2021
10/11/2020 eNews
October 11, 2020   Membership           Reflections There has been an expression of concern by a group of Issaquah secondary-level students about this year's Reflections theme, "I Matter Because..." We want to clarify that this theme has no connection to any social or cultural movement. The annual Reflections theme was created and selected two years ago by a then first-grade student, Rylee Stier, who was inspired by the impact that wildfires had on her California town.     We believe this theme is a wonderful opportunity for students to dig deep, to identify ways that they are ... read full article